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Happily, many of our residents are increasingly committed to fitness and well-being. This quest for a healthier lifestyle is resulting in greater use of our Venetian Tower fitness center.  The following are provided as guidelines and suggestions on how to enhance your exercise experience.  They are intended to make your workout safer, to improve the overall appearance and neatness of the room and to foster consideration for others.

 1.         The 2 ½ pound black, horseshoe-shaped weights should be  returned to the corner of the room behind the Paramount Lat Pull machine after they   are used. This will prevent someone from tripping over these weights, will eliminate people “hunting” for them and will make the room more presentable.

2.         If you are “banging” or “clanging” the weight stacks of the Paramount machines during or at the end of your workout, you are using too much weight. This problem tends to be localized to men.  Dropping these weights in this matter can cause injury and can result in breakage.  In general, proper form is far more important than using heavy weights.

3.         Towels, “wipes,” beverage bottles and the like should be disposed of properly in the hamper and trash receptacle, as appropriate.  Nothing  makes the room look worse than used towels or wipes strewn about.

4.         Please return balls, mats, steps, bands, etc. where they belong – on the racks where you should have found them.

 5.         The floor fan by the door to the pool area should remain close to the wall.  Some people are moving it out away from the wall, both blocking  the entry to that door and potentially causing a hazardous situation.

6.         As a reminder, the TV volume should be at 25% of its maximum when others are present.  For the TV next to the treadmills, the maximum volume is 100 and therefore the volume when others are present should be at about 25.  I admit that it is virtually inaudible at that level, but having it set between 30 and 35 should be sufficient.

7.         When not in use, the white remote to the TV by the treadmills should be returned to the Velcro holder on the TV.  This avoids others having to “hunt” around for the remote.

I’m sure you’ll agree that we will all benefit from adherence to the above.  If you can think of ways that the Venetian Tower staff can enhance our fitness experience, please let Linda or me know.

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