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Disaster Preparedness Update
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An FAQ page can save time and cut down on phone calls by anticipating phone calls. We'll use a format similar to the one below for our FAQ page. In this example, only the first question is linked to an answer page.

2014/2015 Disaster Preparedness Update
Be sure to know where your plan is, to read it, and to follow it.  There are also many
publications available from government sources.   
First, be sure your personal contact information is available to office personnel…addresses,
telephone numbers, e-mail. 

Exit Strategy
– Be sure to inform yourself and any visitors you may have of procedures to be followed in the event of a disaster.
Show guests the
location of the stairwell closest to your unit to be used to evacuate the building.  If you require special assistance, call the Collier County Emergency Management
at 252-3600 to register for additional help.  Do not count on staff or other owners for help,
as there is no way to tell who will be in the building should a disaster hit.(Forms available in office.) 

Be sure to know the evacuation routes to leave the area.

Be sure to have your list of emergency shelters on hand, should you elect to go there.

Be sure that you have your supply of provisions for health and safety, as well as cash, in the event of being stranded for an extended time due to flooding and loss of power.

Be sure to have copies of all important papers, including your passport.
 Take your
inventory of personal property with you. This website will be used to keep you apprised of
what is going on in the event of a disaster. 

www.colliergov.net  - Click on this website for further information




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